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New Year’s Resolution – Enjoying the Outdoors? A PLB in your pocket…Just in case.

Hand held Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs) use satellite technology to locate individuals lost, injured, or stranded in the wilderness.


MUKILTEO, WA. December 27, 2007 – Whether it’s Mother Naturestirring up an additional dose of extreme weather leaving you stranded or an injury limiting your ability to get help, a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is the best emergency rescue device available. Getting a PLB in the hands of those enjoying the outdoors…just in case… just got a lot easier with two announcements from PLB Rentals, LLC; on-line gift certificates, and the “New Year’s Resolution” PLB rental discount.


“Gift certificates are a great way to ensure the outdoors adventurers you care about remain safe”, says Kevin Stoltz, President of PLB Rentals, LLC, “Not only are gift certificates a great way to encourage those you care about to carry a PLB, but you also receive the peace-of-mind knowing you don’t have to worry about something unexpected happening and your loved ones becoming lost, injured, or stranded without a reliable way of getting the help they need”. He also hopes the two announcements will help get the word out about PLBs as there are still a lot of people that could benefit who still don’t know they exist. “It’s one thing for an adventurer to know about PLBs and chose not to carry one with them. It’s quite another if an adventurer doesn’t even know they exist”, says Stoltz, “We want to do everything we can to let people know that these important emergency devices exist and are affordable to have”.


Gift certificates may be easily purchased on-line at in $5 increments. At the time of the on-line transaction, the gift certificate number is issued and may be used immediately when reserving or renting a PLB on-line at


The New Year’s Resolution promotional code good for the month of January 2008 is PR0108 and when specified at the time of a PLB rental transaction at will result in a $10/week discount. This brings the weekly rental rate down to either $49/week or $59/week depending on the PLB model preferred.


Weighing in at just 10oz, the current generation PLBs will easily clip to a belt, can be worn around the neck, or even carried in a pocket. Although most experienced mountaineers and hikers won’t get lost, an unanticipated change in weather or an injury can result in even the most experienced being stranded and needing help. Activating a PLB is as easy as pushing a button and causes a distress signal with the location being transmitted to satellites orbiting the earth. Within minutes those satellites transmit the distress information to the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center who then coordinates the rescue effort with the appropriate Search and Rescue agency.


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